Uber Pets rolls out in Sydney and Brisbane with a surcharge


The ride-sharing technology company is rolling out a trial in Sydney and Brisbane in which customers with a pet can order an Uber Pet vehicle, with the certainly their four-legged friend will be accepted in the car.

That’s great news for anyone who needs to quickly get to the vet or doggy daycare on a rainy day. Or better yet, to and from the pub after you’ve spent too many hours in the doggo-friendly beer garden downing drinks and really, really don’t feel like walking home.

But there’s a catch – anyone requesting an Uber Pet will be slugged a $6 to $7 surcharge.

According to a FAQ page on Uber’s US site, where Uber Pet is already in market, you could also be liable for a cleaning charge if your pet leaves behind waste or “excessive” hair.

Previously, pets were carried at a driver’s discretion and there was no surcharge.

If the trial is proven a success, Uber Pets will be rolled out across the country. Riders with service animals are still to order their standard Uber ride.

Since Uber launched in Australia in 2012 the ride sharing service has introduced a raft of different products beyond the standard Uber X, including Comfort and Premium which attract a higher price, and Pool which is cheaper but requires you to share your ride with strangers and could take longer.