Highways England boss ‘pestered recruit recruit calling her hot and sexy’


A sex pest boss sent hundreds of messages to a recruit, saying she was “hot, sexy and beautiful”, a tribunal heard.

Highways England supervisor Grant Bosence also joked about what mum-of-two Kim Beaney could wear under a high-vis jacket.

He allegedly demanded to know what “a dinner was worth in sexual favours” and sent photos showing his muscles.

Bosence contacted Ms Beaney, 40, by text and Facebook after taking her phone number from a job application form.

She was awarded £74,000 after the Nottingham tribunal heard she quit her £18,000 highways inspection job when bosses failed to investigate her complaints fully.

Ms Beaney told the Mirror: “I suffered months of harassment.

“I felt I had no option but to continue speaking to him for fear of losing my job.

“He told me he was not to be crossed and that he was responsible for hiring and firing staff.”

The tribunal heard that when she threatened to report him, Bosence reportedly said he could have her “killed and buried for four grand”.

He denied that – but the tribunal accepted it had been said.

The panel ruled: “Mr Bosence made it clear he wanted a physical relationship despite her referring on many occasions she wanted nothing more than friendship.”

The panel said Ms Beaney was “upset, humiliated and offended” by his attempts to kiss her and suggestions of physical activity.

Ms Beaney, from Derby, won claims of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Other complaints of direct sex discrimination and victimisation were dismissed.

Highways England was criticised for its “atrociously poor and shambolic” grievance procedure.

Bosence, who is still in his job, told the tribunal there was “nothing inappropriate” in his messages or images.

He denied offering Ms Beaney the job based on attraction, insisting there was “nothing wrong in his behaviour”.

When approached by the Mirror, he denied unwanted conduct, saying the text exchanges were “reciprocal”.

He told us: “I’d take a lie detector to prove I’m innocent. I don’t believe I’ve done anything wrong.”

Highways England said: “We are committed to providing a workplace in which individuals are valued and respected.